Waisted by Shea-Handcrafted Waist Beads

For hundreds of years, women that decorated their waists with beads made from seeds, glass beads, or crystals; perhaps you’ve seen one of your favorite influencers decoratively wearing beads around their waist too. From giving you awareness of how much weight you have lost to being a representation of a certain virtue, they are collectively a beautiful aspect of the feminine proclamation of self in African culture. They also serve as a form of stylistic expression as you can customize what colors you want to display, how many waist beads you want to stack, and what types of beads you want to use.
Waisted by Shea handcrafts each and every strand personally for you.  There are options to add a charm to your strand as well. Order 1 strand or order several. Customize them as you wish. All strands will be made 40" (without stretching), which makes these one size fits all. Express yourself, beautiful.  
Black – Power and protection
Blue – Loyalty and truth
Brown – Earth and stability
Gold – Good health, power and wealth
Purple – Royalty, spirituality and wisdom
Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity
White – Light, truth and purity
Orange – Courage, self confidence and vitality
Yellow – Energy, joy and happiness
Pink – Care, beauty, love and kindness
Red – Confidence and vitality
Turquoise – Communication and self awareness


Custom items by Binns Custom Jewelry typically takes 2-4 weeks to be made. Please be patient as we are dedicated to fulfilling your order as quickly as possible. READY TO SHIP item processing takes 1-2 business days.


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